seed potatoes

There were a few of you who had asked me about seed potatoes for planting… I can’t remember who.  They are not from my farm, but from the organic farm where I get them for the winter shares.  There are only yellow potatoes available.  If you are interested, let me know.

Spring! Eggs and seeds!

Any members who usually get eggs from us and possibly a couple others, can still come by for some even though there will be no veggie pick ups for a while.  If I know when you are coming, we can easily arrange for you to get them.  Also, through April, there is a great deal of greenhouse work to do.  Members who are interested in helping out for half a day for a $50 reduction in your share price can come and experience summer a bit early!  Please contact me to arrange for a time.

March Newsletter now available

Go to the “Newsletters” page and open the March 2015 PDF, this one’s about the apprentice program at the farm.  Also, any members who have not signed up yet for this season, please let me know your intentions.  Thank you very much… will be starting seeds very soon!!!! Spring is coming!